In honor of the one hundred and twenty-third anniversary of the elevation to the cardinalate of Ven. John Henry Newman, May 12, 1879.

John Henry Newman


“These reproductions of portraits and photographs of Cardinal Newman have been selected from a large and varied collection, as being amongst the best and most characteristic, in the judgement of those Fathers of the Birmingham Oratory who knew him intimately during the later years of his life.”




These images of the pages of John Henry Newman: Portraits (London: Burns, Oates & Washbourne Ltd., Publishers to the Holy See, 1924) are published here with the understanding that the book, having been published without a copyright notice, never received copyright protection in the United States of America and does not qualify for it now.

(Some of these portraits, I have not seen elsewhere. One of them — that on the Front Cover, also on the nineteenth page — is my favorite.)

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